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Our Pack

Based in South West London.
We're a family run pet services business with a small team of loving and dedicated assistant walkers.

Coverage Area for Dog Walking & Doggie Day Care: Earlsfield SW18, Wandsworth SW18, Southfields SW19, Wimbledon SW19, Putney SW15, Fulham SW6, Chelsea SW3, Clapham SW4, Battersea SW11. We do cover a wider area for Dog and Pet Boarding and Pet Taxi, please enquire.

We are fully insured for Dog Walking, Pet Home Boarding, Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi as well as Cat/Dog Groomer, Dog Hydrotherapist/Trainer, Mobile Cat/Dog Groomer, Pet Behaviourist, Microchipper, Minder (though we do not actually do these additional services at the moment).

We have Public Liability Insurance of £1,000,000 and Professional Indemnity cover of £1,000,000.

I, Kit am a fully qualified dog trainer completing a Professional Dog Training Course and finishing with a Distinction. Regardless of experience all team members go through a thorough training period with me, training in not only dog handling, but also in advanced dog behaviour including reading dog's body language.

Our Family

Our pack consists of: my best friend and right hand pooch Legs. She is the canine mother of the group, leading, training the younger dogs; My daughter, she has a natural connection with animals; and Nia, our ferret, a our cheeky bundle of chaos, who greets all visitors without fail.  And finally there's me, Kit (more about me below).

Pet Services

Our Team

I am very thankful to have such wonderful people working with us. Our assistant walkers are kind and patient animal lovers first and foremost. All our walkers are experienced in animal care and fully trained in house to our high standards and in our code of conduct. They are DBS checked and have a full clean driving license.

More About Us,

Our history and my background.

A little about us:

At While You’re Away Your Pets will Play all creatures great and small will be welcomed and loved. Over the years we've regularly had animals of all shapes and sizes come and board.

We tailor each and every walk/adventure/stay to your pets needs. So whether it’s a chihuahua who needs 7 walks and must eat food with someone in the same room, a dear old lab who likes nothing more than chilling in his comfy bed getting brushed or a pair of rabbits that need visiting twice a day to have a good run about the garden, this is what they will get. This is what we love! Each walk/stay/visit is exciting and we enjoy seeing your pets comfortable and happy.

Languages spoken in household English & Spanish. Which is especially handy when looking after animals who’s mummy and daddy have trained them in said languages. If your dog understands a different language I enjoy learning the commands your pet knows in it's familiar language: so far we have had Spanish, French, Turkish and Polish dogs and an Italian Guinea Pig come to stay.

Our days are spent playing, walking, exploring, cuddling and brushing. We're very lucky in South West London to have so many green spaces to take our dogs, we can often be found on: Clapham Common, Battersea Park, Wimbledon Park, Bishop's Park, South Park, Spencer Park, Wandsworth Common, Garratt Park & Wimbledon Common and more. We also like to venture a little further some days (like weekends) to Crystal Palace, Hampstead Heath, Beddington Park and even further to Brighton and Margate beaches.

I'm used to introduction/interaction training and we are confident and happy to board pets that require medication or a special diet. Depending on the pets we have boarding with us, it's max adventure time or it's indoor play & cuddle days. Weather doesn't stop us! That's what's showers and towels are for. :)

About me:

I have had an extended family of non-humans my whole life: from fish, stick insects and mice to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and even a pony for a little while (my mum confiscated it off some boys walking down our street, she said they could have it back once they found a home for it, three months later… they came back). The love and care of animals has always run in our family.

Growing up I moved around a lot. As a child, one of my memories is moving house (and country) with a bucket of fish between my feet and trying to keep still so the fish were disturbed as little as possible. I have seemed to carry that theme with me and have brought it to While You’re Away Your Pets will Play. Here we try to keep your pets lifestyle as close to that at home as possible, your rules at home, will be our rules here, so that we don't have any pets returning with any unwanted habits (however, they may learn a few good ones).

There were two main reasons why I started While You’re Away Your Pets will Play. The first and main one was because I had such trouble finding someone who would board Legs when she was younger. There seemed to be such discrimination towards her and her breed. It hurt my heart that they said they provided a service yet only wanted to look after easy small dogs regardless of her training or without meeting her. Over the years we have used various boarders and walkers and for whatever reason I have never been satisfied with the services they provided, they were ok but I wanted more from them. So at While You're Away I have created a company that I would be happy having my dog in their care. All the little niggling bits missing from the others I have placed here. We provide updates including photos, so you can see for yourself whether your dog is happy. We tailor our service to your dogs needs and only compatible pets boarded together. Your pets safety and welbeing is paramount (more detail on specific services can be found on our services page).

If you have any questions or would like to have a Meet & Greet to check whether While You're Away is the best company for your pet feel free to get in touch. I'm available daily, evenings and weekends. No query too strange or silly.